Dr. Brandon Collins to present at October meeting.


Steve Wilensky raising a question to Dr. Roger Bates at September meeting (photo: Mary Rawson)

As part of the Alpine Biomass Committee’s program to educate agencies and the public on issues surrounding forest and watershed health we are pleased to announce that Dr. Brandon Collins will be making a presentation at our October meeting.  His presentation and research should be of particular interest to those that are concerned about wildfire and what we can do to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire.

Dr. Brandon Collins is a Research Scientist with both the US Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station and the University of California – Berkeley’s Center for Fire Research and Outreach.  His research interests involve characterizing effects of fire and fuels treatments on forests.  Much of Brandon’s research is intended to be applied to inform forest management aimed at improving resiliency and incorporating more natural fire-vegetation dynamics across landscapes.

His active research areas include:

  • stand development/recovery following fuel reduction treatments and wildfires
  • modeled effects of landscape fuel treatment networks
  • fire severity patterns and interactions among managed wildfires in long-term natural fire areas, and
  • characterizing variability in forests under more natural fire regimes.

For more detail on Dr. Collins publications see http://ucanr.edu/sites/cfro/Brandon_Collins/.

The October meeting is scheduled for Monday October 3rd  at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.

The Alpine Biomass Committee is supported by a grant from the National Forest Foundation with funds coming from Region 5 of the U.S. Forest Service.  This organization is an equal opportunity provider.


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