June Meeting Announcement

At the June meeting David Loeks of Heartland Timber Homes will be making a presentation on their patented system for timber frame homes that are constructed from non-commercial timber.  Much of the excess biomass in our forests is non-commercial timber, and if it can be used locally then it will help meet the forest health and local economic development elements of our mission statement.  This should be of interest to anyone who is wondering what sort of economic development might help reduce the excess biomass in our forests.

Heartland Timber Homes is a small Canadian company that has developed a patented system for constructing timber frame homes using non-commercial timber.  They are now looking to expand into the US and will be here to investigate what opportunities may be available in or near Alpine County.  Meetings are being arranged for them with local and federal officials to explore whether Alpine County would be a good place for them to set up shop.  To our knowledge this is the first company in a long time that has taken the trouble to come to Alpine County with the object of possibly investing here.  While their operation would not consume a huge amount of biomass, it would be a start, and would create a small number of new jobs.  In Canada they have been particularly successful in working with First Nations (tribal governments).

On the corporate front the Directors held their first meeting.  Annie Dean was elected Secretary-Treasurer, Don Hittenmiller was elected Vice-Chair, and David Griffith was elected Chair.  Thanks to a donation a bank account has been opened, but it will be a while before the ABC will be able to issue charitable receipts so please hold off on large donations in the interim.  Small donations will be welcome and will be used to help defer the costs of our monthly meetings.

California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office has released their Improving California’s Forest and Watershed Management report.  It is an excellent report and clearly lays out the scientific and economic basis for what the Alpine Biomass Collaborative (ABC) and many others are trying to achieve.  It is available on the download page on ABC’s blog/website.

The June meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 5th at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.

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