Be Ember Aware and ABC Governance

The August meeting will feature a presentation by Jaimie Roice-Gomes of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.  Her presentation will focus on how most homes, perhaps as many as 80%, that are consumed in a wildfire are ignited by flying embers.  In addition we will review the draft Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which if and when approved will serve as our mutual understanding of what the Alpine Biomass Collaborative is, and how we will work together to advance our mission of unifying partners to promote forest and watershed health, and local economic development.

Jamie Roice-Gomes is the Manager of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Living With Fire Program.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and a Master of Arts in Interactive Environmental Journalism.  She has been a public relations assistant for Conrad Communications, a public information officer intern at the Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources and a biological science technician at the USDA-Agriculture Research Service.  She has volunteered to make this presentation on her own time as she believes that this information needs to be better known to those that live in the Wildland Urban Interface.

There have been a number of requests to formalize the ABC’s governance.  A draft MOA has been prepared for discussion and possible approval.  It is attached to the agenda which is available here.  It is important that those of you that have expressed concern take the time to review it prior to the meeting.  Thanks to January Riddle and Christine Aralia for putting it together.  Although it is broadly based on the Amador Calaveras Consensus Group’s (ACCG) MOA, due to the significant differences between the ABC and ACCG, their respective memberships and communities, it is a much simpler document.

Our August meeting is scheduled for Tuesday August 6th at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.

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