September Meeting Summary

Our meeting on September 3rd 2019 at Turtle Rock Park was attended by 15 members of the public and agencies.  There was no presentation as this meeting concentrated on current projects and the organization of the ABC.  It was agreed that having a speaker every month didn’t allow enough time for discussion about potential projects and organizational matters and so going forward it is hoped to have a speaker every other month.

Organization Update:  The draft Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was discussed and it was agreed that the proposed relationship between the collaborative and the 501(c)(3) was not clear.  It was further agreed that the collaborative would be renamed and the 501(c)(3) would be a signer to the MOA.  These changes would allow the Forest Service to sign the MOA.  Suggestions for the new name for the collaborative should be submitted to prior to the October meeting.  The ad hoc group working on the MOA will have a revised draft ready prior to the next meeting.

Scoping Study Update:  The interim report on sustainable biomass supply has been received and is being reviewed by the ad hoc group overseeing the study.  The ad hoc group has some concerns that will be discussed with the consultants.  It is still anticipated that the study will be complete in December or January.

Poor Boy Ridge/Hot Springs Road Corridor Update:  The ad hoc group work group for the Hot Springs Road Corridor Project has prepared a short project description to discuss with landowners along and near the corridor.  Thanks to the Community Development department there is now a good map showing the land ownership in and near the corridor.  The priority is to contact property owners to discuss their possible participation.  Assuming this effort is successful the 501(c)(3) will begin pursuing grant opportunities.

Participant Updates:  Mary Rawson reported the stargazing party on August 24th was successful and very well attended.  Teresa McClung reported Matt Zumstein, the new District Ranger, will report to duty on September 30th.  He will probably attend the ABC meeting in November and will likely introduce himself to the Board of Supervisors before then.  Teresa McClung suggested the MOA could include an ABC signatory for letters of support.  Teresa McClung reported Elissa Brown, SNC, contacted her regarding available funding for an East Side Collaborative Group.  David Griffith reported the Board of Supervisors has voted to join the Eastern Sierra Sustainable Recreation Partnership.  Ron Hames reported he is working on modifying Alpine County’s red flag ordinance.  Coreen Francis reported the BLM will partner with the Western Aspen Alliance to host a free workshop in June 2020.  Coreen Francis will coordinate the event so that guest speakers attending the Alliance will also be able to make a presentation to the ABC at one of its regularly scheduled meetings.  Tim Roide reported the BLM will have a proposal by October regarding treatment in Alpine County for 24 units and 1,200 acres.  Foothill Road is an area of extreme risk.  The BLM is coordinating its efforts with the Forest Service and California Fish and Wildlife for planned maintenance efforts.  Christine Aralia reported she attended the Tahoe Summit and was inspired by the resources allocated for fuels reductions and forest and watershed health.  Mark Schwartz reported the Markleeville Water Company is vetting two requests for proposals for a planning grant; the awardee will be selected by October 2019.  He reported there have been staff changes at the Chamber of Commerce and new employees will be hired.  The Board is excited about reaching out to business owners and the public.  The next Board meeting is September 17th and there is a mixer in Bear Valley on September 19th.  Mo Loden reported the next AWG meeting is September 10th at the Woodfords Indian Education Center.  The Lahontan Regional Quality Control Board will be requesting input on the West Carson Vision Plan.  The AWG will host its 20th Annual Markleeville Creek Day on September 21st.  Volunteers will meet at the library at 9:00 am.  The AWG is continuing its water sampling at Indian Creek Reservoir, Red Lake, and Wet Meadows to assess Harmful Algal Bloom.  Brian Peters reported the County is moving forward with its CALFIRE planning grant.  A steering committee has met and proposals for a consultant have been solicited.  A selection will be made next week.  The project will be completed by March 2021.  There is a small defensible space project in Woodfords, which is funded by Title III, that might start in the fall.  Michael Barton reported the Alpine Trails Association (ATA) has completed the 8 mile Thornburg Canyon Trail.  The ATA is leading a hike on this trail on September 15th.  The next ATA meeting is October 5th.

The next meeting is set for Tuesday October 1st at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.  The speaker is still to be decided and suggestions are welcome.  There will also be a further review and hopefully final agreement on the proposed Memorandum of Agreement for the ABC.

To contact us you can either leave a comment on this blog, or for a private comment, visit our contact us page.

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