Scoping Study Presentation

The March meeting will feature a presentation of the results of the scoping study on how best to utilize the excess biomass in our forests and improve the local economy.  Removing excess biomass from the forest will improve forest health and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire.

The scoping study presentation will be by High Sierra Community Economic Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Wisewood Energy.  The scoping study has shown that there is a more than adequate supply of excess biomass on a sustainable basis to support a small scale power plant near the junction of highways 88 and 89 as well as potentially supplying a thermal heating system at Kirkwood.  The scoping study recommends Alpine Biomass Collaborative (ABC) / Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions (CHIPS) encourage possible partners to further evaluate the opportunity.  It was funded by an $80,000 grant from the Economic Development Administration and a $20,000 non-recourse interest free loan from Community Vision (formerly Northern California Community Loan Fund).

The reports on biomass supply and screening of 27 possible uses of the biomass are on the downloads’ page of the ABC blog/website.  This economic analysis report will be posted as soon as received, but may not be available before the meeting.

A signing ceremony for the MOA is tentatively scheduled for the April meeting.  The Hot Springs Road Corridor work group is awaiting a decision by CALFIRE as to the success of the Fire Prevention Grant which is expected sometime in March.

Our March meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 3rd at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.

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