June Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately due to covid-19 it is again necessary to cancel our meeting, this time in June.  Although we could maintain social distancing at Turtle Rock Park many people are still nervous and others would not be allowed to attend: either by their agency or their spouse.  Provided we can convince a speaker to come, and meet Dr. Johnson’s (Alpine County’s Public Health Officer) requirements, I am hopeful that we can hold a meeting in July.  However it will depend on how covid-19 behaves in Alpine and surrounding counties and the Governor’s evolving Executive Orders.

The County’s Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan has settled on three priority projects: Hot Springs Road Corridor and Markleevillage, above Upper Manzanita Lane and the Sierra Pines Trailer Park, and the west side of Bear Valley.  Details are available here.  The required environmental review for these three projects is beginning and the object is to have the three shovel ready projects by March, 2021.  There are several other areas that did not rise to the top of the priority list but the work done to date on them will help justify grant applications for these areas in the future.

If there is a July meeting it will be Tuesday July 7th at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.  Stay safe!

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