July, August Meetings Cancelled

Unfortunately due to covid-19 it is again necessary to cancel our meeting, this time in July, and although there is a speaker willing and able to attend a meeting in August it is unlikely that the state and county will approve such gatherings until at least September.  Therefore although we could maintain social distancing at Turtle Rock Park we have decided to also cancel the August meeting.  Many people are still nervous and others would not be allowed to attend: either by their agency or their spouse.  The ABC doesn’t have a budget that would accommodate video conferencing, and even if the ABC could do that the most productive part of the meetings is the informal back and forth between participants which is next to impossible on a video conference.

Despite the current hiatus in the ABC’s activity the ABC 501(c)(3) did receive a generous donation which was gratefully received.  The ABC 501(c)(3) has begun following up on the scoping study and is reaching out for possible developers to take on the project.

This is frustrating for all of us so thank you all for your patience.

If there is a September meeting it will be Tuesday September 1st at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.  Stay safe!

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