Tamarack Fire Restoration Meeting Summary

20211005_192957Photo by Mary Rawson

The Tamarack Fire Restoration joint public meeting was well attended with 74 people signing in, several that did not sign in, a number of others that had to watch from outside due to social distancing, and 14 people attending by Zoom.  Notes from the meeting are available here, and a complete video recording of the meeting is available here.  The notes include contact information for the nine agencies that made presentations.  Thanks to Kimra McAfee of the Alpine Watershed Group for editing and posting the video recording.

While it was not discussed at the meeting, with all the fires in the West year after year, the lack of a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement covering wildfires in general or some other mechanism to reduce the bureaucratic delay is inexcusable.  Having to wait as much as two years before reseeding or replanting on public lands is an example of government not working for the people.

Future Meetings:  Assuming that there is no covid explosion the November meeting will be at the Turtle Rock Park Community Center at 6:00 pm on Tuesday Nov. 2nd.  Masks or face shields will be required and we will need to maintain social distancing.  If there is a covid explosion the meeting will be on Zoom.  Details are still being worked out, but the meeting will be related to post-fire restoration or post-fire management of vegetation and fuels.

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