April Update

There will not be an ABC meeting in May due to lack of a presentation.  Our next meeting will be at 6:00 pm on Tuesday June 7th at Turtle Rock Park.  Dr. Jonathan Long, an ecologist with the U.S. Forest Service and Rhiana Jones, Environmental Program Director with the Washoe Environmental Protection Dept. will be making a joint presentation on Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK) with respect to forest management.  Dr. Long will be giving an overview on TEK throughout California and Ms. Jones will be discussing the practices of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.

Prior to European settlement the forests were much healthier and resilient than they are today, although wildfire was actually more common.  The people that lived here then were part of that environment and some of their practices are now being adopted by the agencies that manage our forests today.

The Alpine Watershed Group and the Alpine Trails Association’s initial tree planting workday within the Tamarack burn scar was a great success and another workday is scheduled for May 1st.  50 volunteers planted some 2,085 seedlings on April 9th, and 70 volunteers have signed up to plant an additional 2,000 seedlings or so on May 1st.   To sign up for the waiting list or for more information go here.  Thanks are also due to Anna Belle Monti of the Forest Service for all her work to make it a success.

2022-04-09_Tree Planting Workday_Group

Photo by Kimra McAfee

With respect to a possible biomass-to-bioenergy plant in Alpine County exploratory discussions are ongoing between a potential developer and Liberty Utilities.  The discussions are at a very early stage and time will tell if they bear fruit.

Future Meetings:  Please send suggestions for future speakers to dGriffith.9@gmail.com.  Presentations need to be on topics that relate to our mission statement.

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