Community Meeting Summary and Links

The community meeting on the environmental pros and cons of biomass facilities was well attended with 31 people signing in in person and 14 more attending via Zoom.  Based on an informal estimate there were a number of people present that had not signed it.


Photo by Mary Rawson

There were short presentations by Emily Blackmer, Policy Analyst for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy on their Watershed Improvement Program and holistic forest goals that include biomass infrastructure to meet state policy goals; and Bruce Springsteen, Compliance and Enforcement Manager for the Placer County Air Pollution Control District on their research into the air quality impacts of using biomass to generate electricity.   From CALFIRE, Brian Newman, Assistant Chief for the Amador-El Dorado Unit, and Megan Scheeline, Unit Forester did not make a presentation, but did answer questions.

The meeting was moderated by Ed James, General Manager for the Carson Water Subconservancy District. 

The following links are available for those that were not able to attend or wish to review it.  Peer reviewed papers mentioned by Bruce Springsteen are also available.

Video Recording of the meeting.
Emission Reductions from Woody Biomass Waste for Energy as an Alternative to Open Burning
Forest biomass diversion in the Sierra Nevada: Energy, economics and emissions

Future ABC Meetings:  There will be no November meeting as the ABC has not been able to line up a presentation.  The December 6th meeting will feature a presentation by Dr. Alexandra K. Urza (Ali), Research Ecologist with Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station on a recent review of fuel treatment effectiveness.   Suggestions for future topics that are consistent with our mission statement are welcome.  Please send suggestions for future speakers to

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