Fuel Treatment Effectiveness

Our next meeting will be at 6:00 pm on Tuesday April 4th at Turtle Rock Park.  Dr. Alexandra (Ali) Urza of the Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station will be making a presentation on maximizing the effectiveness of fuel treatments at the landscape scale.

Biography:  Ali Urza is a Research Ecologist with the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station in Reno, NV.  Her research focuses on forests and drylands of the western US, using a mix of methods to study ecosystem responses to fire, invasive species, climate change, and management treatments.  She works closely with federal, state, and tribal land managers to address knowledge gaps and develop science-based solutions to current challenges.

Abstract:  Maximizing the effectiveness of fuel treatments at the landscape scale is a key research and management need given the inability to treat all areas at risk from wildfire, and there is a growing body of scientific literature assessing this need.  A team of scientists at the Rocky Mountain Research Station was funded by the Joint Fire Science Program to conduct a review on landscape-scale fuel treatment effectiveness.  In this talk, Dr. Ali Urza will describe what they found and discuss the outstanding knowledge gaps.

Alpine Sierra Speaker Series:  Along with the Alpine County Democrats and the Alpine County Friends of the Library, the ABC is co-sponsoring a talk by Laura Oakes hosted by the Alpine Sierra Speaker Series Committee entitled “The Future of Forests and Our Lives Connected to Them.”  It will be at 6:30 pm on Thurs. April 20th at Turtle Rock Park.  While different from the scientific presentations normally hosted by the ABC, Ms. Oakes explores people’s relationship to the forest at the personal level.  More information is available here, or by contacting Jill Trainer at jillmtrainer@gmail.com.

Future Meetings:  There will be no meeting in May to avoid a possible conflict with a County hosted meeting on the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  Please send suggestions for future speakers to dGriffith.9@gmail.com.  Presentations need to be on topics that relate to our mission statement.

Thanks to Alpine County Public Health for their support.

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