Cluck, D., 2021, Predicting Mortality of Fire-Injured Trees, presentation.

Monti, A.B., 2021, Tamarack Fire Restoration, presentation.

Smith, S.L, Cluck, D., 2011, Marking Guidelines for Fire-Injured Trees in California,

Tamarack Fire BAER Report.

Stephens, S.L., 2020, Fire and Fire Surrogate Study.

Stephens, S.L. et al, 2015, Historical and current landscape-scale ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forest structure in the Southern Sierra Nevada.

Collins, B. et al, 2017, Impacts of different land management histories on forest change.

Scoping Study, Final Report

Scoping Study, Economically Viable Uses of the Biomass

Scoping Study, Biomass Supply Report

Scoping Study Presentation

Brink, S., 2020; Things to Consider When Contemplating a Biomass-to-Bioenergy Facility.

Safford, H., Stevens, J., 2017; Natural Range of Variation for Yellow Pine and Mixed-Conifer Forests in the Sierra Nevada, Southern Cascades, and Modoc and Inyo National Forests, California, USA,

Legislative Analyst’s_Forest and Watershed Management report.  California’s Legislative Analyst’s report on the state of our forests and what needs to be done to restore them to a healthy condition and the economic benefits that should ensue.

Little Hoover_Commission Forest Report  Fire on the Mountain: Rethinking Forest
Management in the Sierra Nevada.  A highly informative report on the state of our forests and what needs to be done to return them to a healthy and resilient state.

Wood & Biomass Utilization Discussion, Alpine County (2.5 MB)  Alpine County Potentially Accessible Biomass and Potential Business Opportunities.  Larry Swan’s presentation at the March, 2017 meeting.

Alpine County Land Management by Agency (4.2 MB)  Shows National Forests, Bureau of Land Management, state lands and Wilderness Areas on topography.  Will be updated to include Bureau of Indian Affairs (Washoe Tribe), Inventoried Roadless Areas and other restrictions.  Produced by Alpine County Community Development Department.

California Air Pollution Control Officers’ Association Biomass Power Plant Policy  Policy statement of the California Air Pollution Control Officer’s Association with regard to biomass-to-bioenergy plants.  Released December, 2016.

ABC_ForestCarbonPlanCommentLtr.  Comment letter to the Forest Climate Action Team on the draft Forest Carbon Plan.

ABC_FireBorrowingSupport.  Comment letter in support of Federal legislation to end “fire borrowing”.

ABC_AmeriCorpsSupportLtr.  Letter in support of continued funding for AmeriCorps.

CAP_AmericasForgottenForests-reportMAR2017  Report on what needs to be done to restore our forests and the environmental and economic benefits of doing so.  Although published by the Center for American Progress it fairly lays out the issues.

Fire MOU Partnership May 2017  (4 MB).  Craig Thomas’s presentation at the 06-jun-2017 meeting.  Highly recommended.

USFS_Stewardship Contracts and Agreements Information.

AWG_ABCMeetingNotes2017-04-04 (5.3 MB).  Supplemental notes for the 04-apr-2017 meeting with photos.