The September meeting will feature a short update on the scoping study, a brief update on the Hot Springs Corridor project, and further discussion of the draft Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  There will be no speaker for this meeting.

If things go as expected there should be preliminary results from the Beck Group’s study on the availability and characteristics of excess biomass from our forest that might be put to a productive use.  The Hot Springs Corridor work group continues to focus on what can be done to improve the safety of this important evacuation route.

Most agencies will not be signing the MOA, although they will continue to participate in and support the ABC.  In some cases the agency feels that it would be a conflict if the ABC was to apply for a grant from the agency, in others it is due to their policy of not signing such agreements.  CALFIRE has agreed to sign the MOA and the Forest Service needs some changes from the draft as it is currently written.

Our September meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 3rd at 6:00 pm at Turtle Rock Park.

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